Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines

Any type of printing is only as good as the artwork that has been supplied.

To avoid unnecessary charges and delays and to ensure you receive the highest quality customisation please review our artwork guidelines below.Should you not have the artwork in a format suitable for customisation we can convert (re-draw) your file to a suitable type for a fee of £30.00. We will of course get in touch and ask for confirmation prior to this work taking place:

Vinyl Printing / Sublimation


Vector Files (AI/EPS/PDF) are preferred. 

Bitmap files (JPG,PNG,BMP) are not editable and are therefore not usable for printing as we will need to add extra lines for the machinery to recognise what to do. 

It’s usually easy to tell the difference between vector and bitmap files by zooming in. If the edges become pixelated the file is a bitmap and not always suitable for printing. 

Don’t create an AI/PDF or EPS file from a bitmap image as it will still be a bitmap just saved as a different format – this type of file will require redrawing at a cost of £30. 


Embedding fonts and converting fonts to paths (or curves)

If your artwork has fonts, then these MUST be converted to paths (or curves – depending on the software you use). 

This simply means that the font is converted to a graphic/shap object and cannot be changed. 

If this is not done, then when we receive the file and don’t have the equivalent font, we won’t be able to match your artwork.


High resolution JPG, BMP, TIF, EPS, AI

All files types are accepted as long as the resolution is high quality. 

All artwork requires converting into an embroidery format (digitising), which is charged at £25. This is a one off fee and the file will be kept for future orders. 

If the artwork is required in different sizes, it may need to be digitised multiple times.