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B4Branded is a merchandising service that specializes in design and branding. Think of your office right now? Do you think you can benefit from branded workwear? How about if you had your company’s coffee mugs branded? Branding is a form of advertising and helps customers notice your business easily and make your employees more approachable.

At B4Branded our business is to make your business unique and visible. We provide branding and uniform that is an extension of your business. The t-shirts worn by staff communicate a lot the same as the red uniforms worn by Virgin Atlantic staff. How about the uniform worn by the guy who makes you coffee on your way to work? You remember the name and inscriptions on his t-shirt all day long. This is the aim with branding your workwear. We aim to imprint your brand name in the mind of your clients as well as probable clients.

With B4Branded we understand that uniforms help generate pride in your workplace. Did you know that your employees are more important than the customers? These are the first people your customers meet. If they aren’t well motivated and believe in your brand, how else do they convince the customers to trust your brand? With our branded uniforms, we design and create uniform concepts that have a positive impact on your team. Uniform that is comfortable, fitting, well-designed, and branded making your employees look good and feel good. This leads to more confident employees who are ready to carry out their responsibilities once they wear their uniforms.

B4Branded has designers focused on creating the best designs for you. When you work with us, you can provide a finished design or ideas to our fantastic designer who will come up with the best design for you. Give your employees presence and make them identifiable and visible. Do you have employees working in extremely busy environments? The branded t-shirts, aprons, or caps make them more identifiable and easier to approach.

Branded merchandise sells providing double profit to the company. There are many brands whose branded t-shirts, hoodies, and caps have gained a life beyond the workplace. At B4Branded we create branded items that can sell outside your workplace. With these, you get to sell the merchandise and get a profit. Whoever wears the branded merchandise goes along advertising your business for free. B4Branded creates for you a double edged design ready to sell and advertise. You can sell to loyal customers at a small fee and be guaranteed of free advertising.

At B4Branded our aim is to provide customers with quality branded products and services in a professional and timely manner. You can provide your own designs or have our in-house designer create compelling designs for you. Imagine all this with no minimum order quantity. Furthermore, you get a discount when you order five or more branded items.

Let us make your brand unique and get your business out there with our creative and professional designers. Whatever your branding needs are from club/group clothing, workwear, promotional items, and such, we strive to make your brand known.

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